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SCP Geotek provides comprehensive geotechnical studies and consulting for projects involving building construction or additions, road construction or repairs, engineered works, urban and residential development initiatives and more in the greater montreal area and laurentians.

Geotechnical studies are investigations that assess the properties and behavior of soils and rocks for engineering design and construction. These studies involve field and laboratory tests to determine the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of materials. The information gathered is used to evaluate site stability and suitability for construction projects, identify potential hazards, and ensure safety and longevity of structures.

Geotechnical Studies

Some of our key studies include:

Soil bearing capacity: which refers to the maximum capacity of soil to support a structure without experiencing excessive settlement or failure. We analyze factors such as soil type, composition, depth, and presence of water to ensure solid and stable foundations in structure design.

Analysis of slope stability and stabilization: involved in reducing the risk of landslides during construction or excavation

Slope Analysis

Seismic site classification and potential for soil liquefaction: Information is collected and evaluated to determine the potential risk of ground shaking, soil amplification, and other earthquake related hazards.

Our goal in foundation engineering is to ensure a technically sound, economical design that meets the needs of your project. We achieve this by:


Foundation Engineering:

Foundation Engineering
Foundation Engineering
  • Determining the foundation type
  • Recommending foundation beds, temporary drainage, excavation slopes, and temporary supports and ground slabs
  • Proposing permanent drainage as well as under-slab drainage
  • Verifying excavation floor


Other services:

Other Services
Other Services
  • Engineered works (bridges, culverts, support walls)
  • Building construction or additions
  • Rock anchoring recommendations
  • Recommendations for municipal infrastructure
  • CNESTT attestation, temporary on-site excavation slopes
  • Excavation supervision

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