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Paul-Olivier Paquet

Engineer, M.Eng

Paul-Olivier Paquet, Eng., M.Eng, is Director of SCP Geotek Inc. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree in civil engineering (geotechnical engineering specialization). His master’s thesis focused on evaluating the soil liquefaction potential with a piezocone. Mr. Paquet has extensive experience in geotechnical services and materials quality control, notably in foundation design, calculating bearing capacity, stabilizing slopes for excavation work, calculating flow rate for French drains and designing rock anchoring systems.

Throughout his career, Mr. Paquet has worked on major residential, commercial, municipal, institutional and industrial projects. As a project manager on numerous mandates, he acquired a broad range of skills and a strong sense of independence, which helps him tackle projects of any scale, from conception to construction. His advanced technical knowledge, attention to detail, energy and sense of organization have all helped him complete his mandates efficiently while complying with standards, budgets and timelines.

Gregory Pereira

As a professional in the field of quality control for construction materials, I have acquired in-depth expertise in various aspects of the construction process, ranging from the production of materials to their installation and final use in built structures. My work primarily involves assessing the quality of construction materials to ensure compliance with the required standards and quality specifications, there by ensuring the safety and durability of constructed structures.

In the field of concrete cement, I am capable of conducting thorough analyses of different components of concrete, such as cement, water, aggregates, and additives, to ensure their quality and compatibility. I am also proficient in performing compression strength tests to assess the concrete’s strength and monitoring its real-time maturation to guarantee optimal performance.

Regarding granular compaction materials, I am skilled in analyzing aggregates to evaluate their particle size, shape, and texture, as well as their cleanliness and durability. I can also conduct compaction tests to ensure the density and strength of soil layers or crushed stone used in road construction, buildings of various heights, and more.

For asphalt pavement, I am knowledgeable in evaluating the quality of materials used in asphalt production, including aggregates, bitumen, and additives. I can also monitor the asphalt placement to ensure thickness and quality.

In the field of concrete slab expertise, I can conduct thorough inspections of concrete slabs to assess their health, detect cracks and defects, and determine necessary corrective measures.

Lastly, concerning petrographic testing for the potential swelling index of granular materials, I am capable of performing in-depth analyses to evaluate the susceptibility of granular materials to cracking and swelling, which is crucial for ensuring the durability of constructed structures.

Overall, I am a competent and experienced professional in the field of construction materials quality control, capable of providing accurate and reliable analyses to guarantee the quality and safety of constructed structures.”

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