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SCP Geotek was founded as a subsidiary of SCP Environnement to offer additional services specialized in geotechnical engineering studies and materials quality control. We supply quality testing for soils, rocks, aggregates, asphalt and concrete with our in-house laboratory. SCP Geotek relies on its highly competent staff and sophisticated equipment to provide its clients with efficient and professional service.

Our team includes engineers, lab and field technicians who service the greater Montreal area as well as the Quebec laurentians.

Meet the team

Geotechnical engineering

SCP Geotek provides comprehensive geotechnical services for projects involving building construction or additions, road construction or repairs, engineered works, urban and residential development initiatives and more.

Our services include:

  • Various geotechnical studies and soil and rock identification
  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Building construction or addition
  • Engineered construction (bridges, culverts, support walls)
  • Soil and rock geotechnical bearing capacity (ultimate and serviceability limit states)

Materials quality control

SCP Geotek provides soils and materials engineering services, including materials quality control on site and in the laboratory. We have a fully equipped laboratory for testing soil, aggregate, asphalt and concrete.

Our services include:

  • Testing of soils and aggregates
  • Density test (moisture density gauge)
  • Testing of fresh concrete (temperature, slump, air content, spread)
  • Monitoring concrete maturity using thermocouple monitors (real time temperature, maturity & resistance of concrete)

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