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SCP Geotek provides comprehensive geotechnical services for projects involving building construction or additions, road construction or repairs, engineered works, urban and residential development initiatives and more.

Our services include:

  • Various geotechnical studies and soil and rock identification
  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Building construction or additions
  • Engineered works (bridges, culverts, support walls)
  • Soil and rock bearing capacity (ultimate and serviceability limit states)
  • Determining foundation type
  • Recommendations: foundation beds, temporary drainage, excavation slopes, temporary supports and ground slabs
  • Seismic site classification and potential for soil liquefaction
  • Rock anchoring recommendations
  • Permanent drainage, under-slab drainage
  • Analysis of slope stability and stabilization
  • Recommendations for municipal infrastructure
  • Road repairs and construction
  • Verifying excavation floor
  • CNESST attestation, temporary on-site excavation slopes
  • Excavation supervision

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